Get Ready  to Support Your Best Self !
One Month Plan Introductory pricing $99.

What to expect:

  •  Assessment

  • 45-Minute  Live Consultation  (2 days after assessment)

  • Custom written 7-Day food plan  deliverable 3 days after consultation

  • Email or Text Support as needed M-F  10AM-7PM

  • An additional 15-minute check -in (telephone)



Weight Loss

For those  discovering health-supportive lifestyles with a focus on experiencing new and sustainable foods and preparations.

Get support to make recipes prescribed by your doctor or other health professionals. My role as chef is not prescriptive but of a culinary translator.

Examine and implement structures for shopping, pantry stocking, and preparing meals that support your best health-supportive lifestyle.


 About Chef Patricia


The idea of being a chef wasn’t even a thought until Patricia Drew needed to overhaul her health & cooking regiment after experiencing a silent heart attack in 2012.


If you ask Chef Patricia about the heart attack,  she won’t say much, but she will share that her food overhaul led to an 80 lb. weight loss, and her passion for giving people the tools and experiences they need to make eating health-supportive meals the obvious choice.


Chef Patricia is a graduate of the Chef Program at The Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts (NGI).


She has taken classes in raw food preparation at Lov’n it Live in Georgia, and holds a certificate in Cooking for People with Illness from NGI. She used her time during the COVID 19 pandemic to study online at Food Future Institute: A Culinary Plant-Based Institute helmed by Chef Matthew Kenney.


Prior to her career as a chef, Patricia was an educator for the New York City Department of Education.


She holds a Master of Science degree in School Administration and Supervision from Touro College, Master of Science degree in Instructional Technology from the New York Institute of Technology, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Literature from Columbia University. She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and is the mother of a wonderful vegetarian daughter.


She regularly hosts pop-up events in Brooklyn, NY,  conducts food demos, (which on on hold due to COVID 19) and provides personal meal services. Her offerings include online personal chef  Rx culinary translations and consultations.

Before 270 pounds